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Our site was established for the purpose of disseminating knowledge about the universe, as well as greater visibility and approaching its attractions. It also serves to present our school, which can be found in the link below.Today's information currently presented not only in the traditional way through a book or a presentation, but also in the virtual world of the Internet. We take the chance which generations before us had not and created stunning a web site.Our site is not limited by anything. We also made the site in English so it brings knowledge for foreign researchers. In this way, we support the presentation of our school beyond our small state. Enhance your knowledge of new and interesting information about the speed of light and time travelling, because our site offers a modern and original output of the most interesting topics and issues related to space. Our ambition is to attract, to teach and also make these skills available for everyone.

We look forward to your visits and wish you a re-galactic pleasant experience.

Go ahead, go to our universe.

little.BIG SPACE team